Peter Stitt

Temporarily residing in Macon, Georgia, Peter Stitt is a photographer who has been exhibited nationally and internationally, from Portland, OR, to Venice, Italy. A graduate of Northeastern University, he has studied and honed his craft through teaching, commercial assisting, and gallery management.

Working currently as a full-time artist, Stitt produces images that reflect on the social landscape and the way in which it shapes our experiences, past and present. With influences from street photography and the New Topographics movement, his photography speaks to a sense of place, time, and familiarity of everyday environments and the landscapes they create.

While currently living in a place that I knew would only be temporary, I’ve taken time to treat it almost like my own personal artists residency. The work I have been creating, under the working title “Postcards from the Neighborhood”, has been an exploration of the surrounding landscape, all within walking distance of my apartment. The images are dispatches to an outside world, reflections of where I am, the structures within, and how their current existence creates the spaces and forms that make up the landscape and experience of being immersed in them.

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Klaus Homann

My name is Klaus Homann, I am 51 and born and raised in Luenen, a city in germany on the edge of the Ruhr Area, which is characterized by the old steel and coal industry.
I started with photography to document my long distance travels.
Later I moved to Essen, a big city in the Ruhr Area and started to shoot pictures of the region, which is very much changing.

More of my work can be found on Instagram – @shakeapic

Mary Livingston – Central Otago, New Zealand

The beauty, the starkness, the loneliness and the silence completely enveloped me on my first encounter. I felt the call of this wild place and yearn to go back there again and again. I did not know it was famous and that many artists had already been inspired here. Not a soul was in sight for miles around. This cluster of buildings sits under the clear skies of the Maniototo in Central Otago New Zealand. My friend and I watched the light fade across the snow dusted hills until we could no longer discern the buildings from the land. Just a restless sigh of the wind through the grass carried bird calls. Who lived in this place?  Do I have the right to try and capture this country on camera? Who am I to even attempt it? But this place speaks the same language to me as the home I grew up in thousands of miles away. It carries a familiar tongue of secrets and stories for those who care to listen. I felt as if welcomed on familiar ground. Do I have the right? I think so. I hope that you the viewer can see what I felt.

The sky and the land stretch in all directions until the colour which up close is intense, becomes lost in the immensity. Central Otago in winter was kind to me as the daytime sun warmed my back and let me drink in her beauty as she unfolded the scenes before me. Maybe it is a dream. But some part of me wants to be here; swallowed up and minimal against the harshness. 

Progress – By Sean Fabre Simmons

About The work: Imperfect, But Ours (Working Title) 

This project explores the idea of finding home while acting as a visual letter of appreciation to the place in which I’ve come to find that feeling of being at home. 

I was born in St Kilda but moved to regional Queensland at a very young age, so that’s where my memories begin. Growing up I never felt like I wanted to be where I was and left as soon as possible. I spent my late teens and through my twenties moving about, never putting down roots and actively avoiding the idea of home, it was a dirty word. 

When I moved back to St Kilda, I almost immediately and subconsciously felt at home.

My work reflects the calm that comes with finding a home after a lifetime of chaos and instability.

St Kilda has a long, colorful history and is many different things to many different people. To me it is home. It’s not perfect but no home is nor should be.

Making this work I’ve utilised the theories of the derive and psychogeography as well as wabi-sabi. 

This book is being produced as part of my graduate folio for my bachelor of photography and I’ve been fortunate enough to have some incredible mentors to help guide me and provide feedback on this project. Krystal Seigerman, Lyndal Irons, Chris Hopkins and Dr Kristian Haggblom.

Landscape Photo Books

I’m a photographer and I make books. I usually make my own but I’d like to help other people make books. That’s what this process is all about. Photo books have always been the ultimate way to put together a great collection of images. I have an obsession with making them, collecting them, looking at them. I’ll be creating some of my own and working with others to create theirs and to create group anthologies through this imprint. A big factor is the printed form, then end point of any project for Landscape Photo Books should be a book. I like the idea of working with a group of people to create exhibitions, but first things first.

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